Hooking your Reader - February 2018

As teachers and parents, we are always looking for ways to hook our young readers with materials that they can connect with. Skyrocketing in popularity right now are graphic novels; a widely popular, high interest, exciting form of storytelling. While fun for all, these books can be highly motivating for our more reluctant or ELL readers who may have some difficulty getting through a longer, more traditional text. Graphic novels allow them the opportunity to be successful, build confidence and increase stamina for reading.They are packed with rich, engaging visuals which provide context clues that encourages a reader to “look more closely”. There are many high quality graphic novels for all ages and reading levels which have strong characters, vocabulary and storylines. These books are available in various different genres, including biographies, history, mysteries and science.

Check out the links below to find some great graphic novel recommendations! Let’s engage our children and keep them reading!

-Mrs. Kovachik- Monroe Elementary Reading Specialist


 Dory Fantasmagory