April 2018~ Book Series

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Book Series - Let's Get Kids Hooked on Books!

Many times as parents, we want our kids to find one book they enjoy reading. An extra bonus is if the book they choose is part of a series. Book series have many benefits for readers. Characters are repeated throughout, they can follow these characters and their changes, identify patterns with plot, characters, and themes, etc. Often times as the series continues, the books get slightly more complex without seeming more difficult. Readers are familiar with the characters, author's writing style and vocabulary so they do not seem to notice. There are many book series in many different genres available for your child to discover. Encourage your child to try reading a series in a genre they enjoy. Classroom libraries, school and town libraries and different web sites may offer suggestions to try. Monroe El's One School, One Book, Fenway and Hattie, was a huge success. If your child enjoyed reading this book, s/he may be interested in the next book Fenway and Hattie Evil Bunny Gang

Here are some other book series to try:

There are numerous book series for children with varying reading levels, vocabulary, content, genres, etc. Encourage your child to try reading a book series that might interest her/him!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. VanDerheyden