We Love Nonfiction - February 2018



We Love Nonfiction!

Kids generally are really interested in nonfiction and learning about the world around them. Find out which topics your child is interested in, and encourage them to read a variety of different texts about those topics. Exploring and exposing them to different information and format of text (books, articles, web sites, etc) will help broaden their understanding about the topics and expand their vocabulary.

When reading nonfiction, it’s important to utilize the text features to help increase your child’s comprehension about the topic. Text features include: table of contents, headings, bold words, photographs/charts/maps/diagrams,captions and glossary. Encourage her/him to make predictions about what s/he will be learning about based on the text features. Remind your child to actively read her/his text and to use the text features to help retell what s/he learned about. Have meaningful conversations about what your child is reading and what s/he learned from their text. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading!

Mrs. VanDerheyden