About Our School

Welcome to Monroe Elementary School!

At Monroe Elementary, we blend our rich history with current instructional practices to create a culture where all children can learn and grown. At Monroe Elementary, we pride ourselves in not only being at the forefront of helping our children achieve academically, but also in focusing on social/emotional development as well. We stay true to our school motto – “A Community That Cares”.

At the heart of our school is a caring community. We believe that every child needs to feel emotionally and physically safe and secure to enable them to reach their academic potential. We strive to meet every child’s educational needs by individualizing instruction. Each day we remind our students to "work hard and be kind", and we teach them how to do both. 

We serve students Pre-K to 5. Within our school of over 400 children, we have the Early Childhood Intervention Center, serving our district's three and four year olds identified with learning differences and special needs. We offer a “neighborhood kid” component, balancing our classes with children to serve as role models in our preschool rooms.  
In our K-5 classrooms, you will find dedicated and passionate teachers who teach a workshop model. Students will experience a brief whole group mini lesson followed by a work period that is tailored to their individual or small group needs. In our school, fair is not always equal but all children will get what they need. 

After school activities to enrich our children’s learning are offered through the Arts & Imagination Program. Children extend their learning in the arts, outdoor activities, and athletics, while developing long lasting friendships.

We have a strong community partnership with teachers and parents working together to provide a balanced educational program. The Parent Teacher Organization is a vibrant part of our community, offering many activities and programs for our families.

A true sense of pride is pervasive within our school, as we are committed to providing our community with an outstanding educational experience for our children. I welcome your questions, concerns, or input.

Warm regards,

Kelly Svendsen
Kelly Svendsen, Principal