One School, One Book - March 2018

We are so excited that our school community is once again participating in One School, One Book. This wonderful program brings students, families, teachers and staff together as we all read, enjoy and discuss the same book.

As we all know, the benefits of reading aloud are huge. Reading with your child helps them to listen better and longer, enriches their vocabulary, helps them to understand concepts better and feel more positive about books and learning in general.

Enhance your One School, One Book experience by making it as enjoyable and interactive as possible. As you read:

  • Talk about what’s happening in the story.

  • Discuss the characters.

  • Stop and chat about anything surprising or confusing. * Reread, if necessary!

  • Talk through your thoughts as you read and make connections.

  • Make predictions.

  • Discuss tricky vocabulary.

The discussions you have with your child during this shared reading experience can help them learn to think and act the way strong readers do. Make the most of your One School, One Book experience! Enjoy!!!!

  • Mrs. Kovachik - Monroe Elementary Reading Specialist